San Do | Human-Centered Design





2XU (pronounced "two times you")

is the global market leader in sports compression.


My role in driving the customer experience is strategizing, designing, launching store marketing campaigns for events and local partners. 


Marketing Assets


I'm responsible for creating any-and-all marketing collateral for our retail channels including, but not limited to signs, email campaigns, and social media posts. 

2XU Promo Cards

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Instagram Story Asset Sample

2XU Century City Anniversary Email Campaign




In-Store Activations



As a fitness brand who's core values revolve around training, a critical part of our customer engagement is hosting in-store activations. Events were instrumental in driving brand awareness. We attended to our market need in two points: (1) addressing the LA region's wants of having a killer body and (2) creating a community of athletes. 


My role requires me to make contacts with influencers & leading fitness instructors, plan in-store activations, and strategize marketing efforts.  


Influencer/Studio Relations

Kenta Instagram Post
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Brand Strategy


Apartment Study 

We ran a study where participants were asked, "If 2XU were an apartment, what would it look like?" The results showed that 2XU was different from our competitors because we were dark and edgy. Participants spoke of a dark apartment with weights and barbells in the corner. Our marketing efforts are aligned with this intense dark visual branding branding.


Industry Rings

Dark 2XU Industry Rings.png

Although an performance driven brand, it is critical to understand that 2XU is competing in the fashion industry. How do we use our unique selling proposition (performance apparel) to our advantage in the fashion industry? Collaborating with brands like Yeezy helped us leverage our USP.