Duration: 3 weeks 
My Role: Lead UI Designer


Wireframes, hi-fi comps, user research, personas, sitemaps, branding guide

Brief: There are populations where folks have to drive 40 minutes just to buy a tomato. These areas are called food deserts.  Citizens living in food deserts are susceptible to alcoholism, diabetes, and other health concerns caused by an inadequate diet.  The Urban Precision Agriculture Project at UCB seeks to address this social problem. 

Problem: How might we reduce the impact of food deserts? How might we do this through screens?  

Solution: Agora, a mobile platform that allows food distributing agencies to either give away there produce, or receive incoming produce.

San Do UX Designer Agora Banner Final

1. Research 

We needed a problem to solve, and as much as we would have loved to solve this social issue in one app, we knew we couldn’t. We needed to find a singular problem to address, but where do we start? 

San Do UX Designer Bronfenbrenners Ecological Model.png

Applied Community Psychology 

This is Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model; I learned about it in my Community Psychology class during undergrad.  If one wants to effect change, one must choose which layer to interject themselves. The outermost layer if the most difficult. 

After evaluating our restrictions (time, finances, and accessibility), we ended up in the microsystem, where the food distributing agencies are, like churches and non-profit organizations. 


Food Distribution Process 

I needed to understand how fresh produce got to folks who live in these food deserts. The chart below depicts the process. 

San Do UX Designer Agora Distrubution-Channel

Interview Process

San Do UX Designer Agora Interview Process White 2.png

We picked a target user group and started talking to everyone. We started with hydroponics & aquaponics, but saw that they couldn’t help solve our problem of food deserts, so we moved on. The same thing happened over and over again until we reached distribution agencies. Finally, there was a problem to be solved. 



Agencies are either getting too much food or not enough food. Retailers are sending agencies close-to-expired food for tax benefits, making it difficult to give away fresh produce. Also, agencies aren’t getting culturally fitting foods. “What’s kale? Am I supposed to eat it?”


Alleviate food waste by balancing distribution.


Create a mobile platform that allows food distributing agencies to either give away there produce, or receive incoming produce.




2. Ideation


User Market Segmentation

FDO: Food Desert Occupant

Before even starting to recruit interviewees, my team and I made an affinity diagram of who our potential users would be based on our assumptions. Following research, we removed false assumptions and created our user persona.

San Do UX Designer Agora Agency Agatha

Persona Development: Agency Agatha

Agatha is a non-profit manager.
She is educated and strong advocate of nutrition programs for people of all socioeconomic levels. 

San Do UX Designer Agora Empathy Map

Empathy Map

Say & Do

  • Wears mainly sustainable clothing

  • Works in food distribution 


  • Offended by capitalism

  • Loves Netflix documentaries on sustainable agriculture 

  • Love's hearing she's a good person


  • People dying of diabetes

  • Systematic oppression 

  • Lots of food waste

Think & Feel

  • Liberal

  • Feminist

  • Loves helping people

San Do UX Designer Agora Feature Prioritization.png

Feature Prioritization

In order to discover our MVP and value prop, we brainstormed features we could include in our app.

We used the prioritization matrix. 







Site Map

San Do UX Designer Agora Site Map Scale


San Do UX Designer Agora Wireframes.png

3. Design



The goal was to integrate the breadth and feel of organic produce with the collegiate feel of UC Berkeley. The look and feel is intended to be professional, but modern at the same time. 

Agora Colors.png



San Do UX Designer Agora-Banner-Final.1.jpg

Testing & Feedback

A peer review within our cohort at the General Assembly. *Me, in the flannel.

A peer review within our cohort at the General Assembly. *Me, in the flannel.

San Do UX Designer LA-Kitchen.jpg


“I think this looks great. That would awesome to have an app that could connect more organizations to ensure less food waste. I’ve brought my colleague Jessie into this conversation. I think the design is clean and easy...”  
- Kim May | L.A. Kitchen Logistics Manager

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